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Do you have missing teeth?

You don’t have to go through life wearing ill-fitting dentures that you can’t eat with or look unnatural. School House Denture Clinic & Laboratories Ltd specialise in providing the highest quality solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth with dentures that have an excellent fit and a remarkably natural look to match.

At our denture clinic in , we use the very latest technology, guaranteeing to solve your denture problems, bringing your smile back to life.


Statistics tell us that there are around 11 million denture wearers in the UK, some coping with badly fitting dentures that can make people’s life a misery. We understand this and our main viewpoint at School House Denture Clinic & Laboratories Ltd is that good dentures will lead to a greatly increased quality of life.

This is one of the reasons we do things a little differently at our practice, as we strive to focus on excellence at every step of your denture construction, meaning you don’t have to suffer from uncomfortable fitting dentures any longer.

Complete Dentures

Complete or new dentures are used to restore missing teeth in people who have unfortunately lost their teeth, therefore have no teeth left. Once teeth are lost, the bone that usually holds in the teeth begins to shrink down, slowly remodelling the structure of your mouth. That’s why quite often people have problems with their lower dentures, struggling to keep them in place.

If this sounds like something you are suffering from, the first step would be to pop and see us for a consultation so that we can examine your mouth to see what sort of solution you can expect by using our cutting-edge denture techniques. If you require full or new dentures from our denture clinic in , call us on 01553 762 405.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made when you have natural teeth of your own still remaining. These dentures are made from chrome metal. The denture teeth and gum lining is built around this for first class cosmetics. Chrome alloy can be perfectly cast so we can utilise various attachments including clasps and rest seats to assist in stabilising the denture.

The benefits of a Chrome denture:

  • Increased Retention (Held in Position with Clasps)
  • Added Stability & Support
  • Stronger & Thinner
  • More Comfortable

Get In Touch

Our denture clinic in  specialises in denture repairs, complete dentures, partial dentures and chrome dentures. Please feel free to call us on 01553 762 405 for further details.