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Denture Repairs in Norfolk

Local Denture Specialists

At School House Denture Clinic & Laboratories Ltd we provide professional denture repairs, we have the skills and latest equipment to correct any flaws or damage to your current dentures. This can range from swift and straightforward jobs such as relines, additions and repairs, to a complete in house service for new dentures.

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Quality Assured Repairs

We can repair fractured dentures, chipped teeth and can even replace missing teeth if required. If your dentures are reputedly breaking this can be a result of poor fitting and therefore a replacement denture may be a more suitable option.

Our qualified dental technicians have the training and equipment to restore your denture back to its original condition. Using materials such as acrylic resins and flexible nylon polymer that will match your denture style. Please note we can also create dentures and carry out repairs using moulded chrome cobalt metal.

Removable or Partial Dentures

Partial removable dentures are required if some of your teeth have been removed and or lost over time. Our partial dentures can be made from high impact private acrylic, or chrome cobalt.
If necessary, metal clasps or tooth coloured clasps can be incorporated into your denture design, in order to achieve the best possible fit for you.

Full or Complete Dentures

Full or complete dentures are worn by patients who have lost all of their natural teeth, either a full top, or bottom or both.
At School House Clinic, we have different grades of teeth for you to choose from.
Firstly a budget price tooth, then an intermediate standard tooth, and finally the highest quality private teeth available.
Quality is gauged on strength and aesthetics of the individual teeth.

Our Dentures

Why Choose School House Denture Clinic & Laboratories Ltd?

At School House Denture Clinic & Laboratories Ltd, we have the knowledge and experience to help you through your denture journey from start to finish.

Whether it’s a repair you need, an addition or reline or brand new dentures, our fully qualified and registered Clinical Dental Technician and technicians will happily guide you through all options available.

Our dentures are all made on site, and this really helps us to ensure we achieve the best possible fit, appearance and comfort for you.

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New Dentures

We all know that missing a tooth or various teeth can make a person feel uncomfortable and cause some real difficulties when it comes to chewing food or even pronouncing words. Missing teeth can also make the surrounding teeth more prone to excessive pressure when chewing or biting various foods.

For these reasons, people who have become completely edentulous are advised to use one of our options which include denture repairs, replacement dentures or brand new dentures. Missing teeth can easily be replaced with a false tooth that not only looks great but also works almost like your original tooth, in turn you will be able to chew a range of foods and keep your lovely smile too.

Serving Patients and Clients Across Norfolk

We are based in Norfolk on the mid-coast of England which is famous for over 90 miles of stunning coastline, picturesque countryside, the matchless Broads National Park, Breckland and Thetford Forest, various important nature reserves, small market towns, amazing bird watching and of course some outstanding seaside resorts in Great Yarmouth, Cromer and Hunstanton.

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Denture Care

We recommended cleaning your dentures daily as tarter and plaque can build up on false teeth just the same way as on normal teeth. Cleaning your dentures can be done by using various specialist cleaning products. Paul will happily go through how important your dental hygiene is, explaining in detail the best way to care, clean and even store your newly repaired dentures.

Specialist Denture Repairs and Replacements

You can reach our lab in Norfolk by calling on 01553 762 405.